Beer goggles: why your local pub could be the future of virtual reality

1-Jun-2018 by Henry St Leger / Tech Radar

Tech Radar visits The VR Concept at Lost Rivers Elephant and discovers how the in-pub location is bringing a much wider audience to VR. Unlike many arcades, Henry discovers that The VR Concept is really part of the wider experiential entertainment market.

BBC Click

The BBC's flagship technology programme came to our site at Lost Rivers Elephant for a feature about Ready Player One. Just before our inter-pub tournament they came to try out our social VR games.

The VR Concept Opens Arcade In London’s Elephant & Castle

15-Mar-2018 By Peter Graham for VR/focus

Virtual reality (VR) continues to grow in the public consciousness thanks not only to the endeavours of big global companies like Facebook/Oculus, HTC, Google, Microsoft and many more, but also from smaller entrepreneurs opening VR arcades in local towns and cities. The VR Concept, a provider of in-Pub VR arcades has announced its fourth location, right in the center of London, UK.

Tech and gadget trends to watch in 2018

03-Jan-2018 By Stuart Stone

Smartphones, predictive analytics and tech to ensure staff pour the perfect pint can all help the bottom line but with so many new gadgets and tech advances, it can be difficult to know which are worth investing in. Here, we examine the gadgets to help you get ahead in 2018

How futuristic technology is already making waves in pubs

07-Nov-2017 By Katie Coyne

With Blade Runner 2049 showing in cinemas, futuristic technology is a hot topic. But how might robots, virtual reality or even artificial intelligence work in pubs?

BBC Click: Doctor Who and the nanoracers

The BBC's flagship technology program comes to visit The Four Thieves and concludes that  "VR and pubs go together like a pie and a pint"

The King's Headset: Is VR The Next Big Pub Sport?

Gizmodo take a closer look at TheVRConcept, the world's first in-pub VRCade. April 2017.

VRFocus Presents The VR Concept Game Jam

VRFocus provide a great run-down of our Game Jam. February 2017.