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The Four Thieves

Clapham Junction


The Four Thieves

Clapham Junction

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We are open every day, upstairs in The Four Thieves pub, 51 Lavender Gardens, SW11 1DJ. The pub is just a short walk from Clapham Junction. We have been overwhelmed with the positive reception we have had since we began in October 2016. Our range of games appeals to everyone, from people trying VR for the first time to seasoned gamers.

Arcade Opening Times (Four Thieves SW11):

Mon - Wed: 7pm-11pm

Thu: 7pm-11:30pm

Fri: 6pm-2am

Sat: 1pm-2am

Sun: 1pm-9pm

Book now for our premium 1h experience, not available on the door!


You can easily end up spending a day at the Four Thieves pub. Consistently voted one of the best pubs in London (Winner of the Time Out Love London 2015 award, we are delighted to launch our VR experience here! As well as our VR games they also host Bottomless Brunches, beers brewed right in the pub, the latest comedy gigs and some excellent other games upstairs with us including racing, crazy golf and an escape room! Oh and did we mention that they've got their own micro-brewery and distil their own gin?! Check out their website for more information!

If you just want to have a short turn, simply come into the arcade and sign up at the VR booth.


VR Games

VR Games




Finally it's here - the VR game where you can fly and shoot your friends. Or, join an inter-pub game for up to ten player mayhem. With a jetpack in one hand and a gun in another, navigate the floating village as you hunt down your friends.

Serious Sam

Team up with your friend in the VR booth next to you and fight off waves of aliens using oversized guns. Over-the top action that allows pairs of people to play together.

Archery (The Lab)

Stand atop your castle and defend it against the cartoon horde of invaders. Incredibly satisfying archery action. A regular favourite.




Q. I've never played a VR game before, is it hard?

We have had a huge range of people play, and we find that our games are easy to get into. The beauty of VR is that it mimics the real world, so the majority of it only requires you to act how you would in real life - i.e. moving your arms and legs!  We also have two large screens in each of the booths that project what the current Player can see - so you can always watch your friends play first to help you understand what is going to happen! Finally and most importantly when you play you will be paired with a trained instructor who will introduce you to our state of the art VR equipment and answer any questions that you have.

Q. Can children play?

We have some excellent games for children as well as adults - our experienced trainers can explain to you which ones are suitable for children to play.

Q. Can I play if I wear glasses/make-up? 

There is no problem with wearing glasses, contact lenses and/or make-up. We can adjust the headsets to make them comfortable for glasses wearers, and the headsets sit comfortably on your forehead and cheeks so no mascara issues!

Q. What should I wear?

You will find yourself ducking and moving around while you play so wear clothes and shoes you are comfortable in.

Q. Can we play as a group?

We have three VR booths so we can have three people playing simultaneously. You can also watch your friends and what they are seeing while you wait for a go! As you can see from our twitter feed many groups find that filming their friends playing is a very entertaining way of passing the time until their go!




Now Hiring

IPG is looking for passionate people to come and join in as we expand our business. Join us as we bring our unique in-pub virtual reality experience to new venues all over the UK.

If you think you're a good fit, email a cv to

VR AttenDant

The VR Attendant's job is to give every customer an incredible experience at our VR booth while ensuring their safety. This includes:

  • Safety and equipment checks at the start and end of the shift

  • Drawing in customers from the pub

  • Explaining how the game works & taking payments

  • Showing customers how to use the equipment safely

  • Marshalling the booth and stepping in if anyone is experiencing difficulty

  • Keeping track of customer's time slots

  • Problem solving

The job is shift work during the evenings (6-11pm) and at weekends (12pm-2am). It includes full training on all of the equipment and a lot of opportunities for personal development over the coming expansion.
Up to 38hrs/week


London - Acton and Clapham Junction
Brighton - London Road