It’s London vs Brighton, its pub vs pub. This is the first ever inter-pub VR tournament. Experience our most immersive zero-gravity shooter, Skyfront VR!

Teams of four will be able to practice all day from 3pm. The main event takes place from 7:30 to 8:30. Each pub will put it's best teams forward to compete in team deathmatch against the other pub. The tournament will consist of 6-minute battles and the pub with the most wins claims the prize - happy hour for the whole pub!

Scores will be displayed on a big screen and we'll have other promos running all night. It's going to be a spectacular start to the Easter Holidays.

 Your ticket gets you:

  • Unlimited VR practice sessions from 3pm
  • Tips and training from the pros
  • One free drink 

The details:

  • Team registration open until 7pm
  • Teams of four to enter
  • Drinks promos all night
  • If your team wins, the whole pub wins with happy hour!


I've never tried VR before, will I be able to compete?

Yes, absolutely! This game has only been released with us for a few weeks so there are no professionals (yet). A bit of training before the tournament in the afternoon and you're in with a great chance.

Can I sign up on the day? How much is it again?

Yes, you must register on site at either the World's End in Brighton (BN1 4JE) or Lost Rivers Elephant in London (SE17 1LB). Arrive early for your best chance to enter/win! The £7.50 ticket gets you in, one free drink and the opportunity to compete for the glory (and happy hour). 

Can you tell me more about the game?

It's something you have to try (and this is the perfect opportunity). There is really no way to explain how amazing flying around in a zero-gravity environment is with your mates trying to shoot down the opposing team, but the video gives you a bit of a sneak peak! 

Can I just watch?

You do not have to participate in the tournament. You are welcome to come as a spectator and claim your complementary drink, play some VR and enjoy happy hour.