To celebrate the Launch of our 4th Arcade and the first in London's zone 1, The VR Concept ran the world's first ever inter-pub VR tournament.

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Teams of 4 players from each pub competed in SkyfrontVR with a 4v4 team death-match. Five rounds were played overall and in a technical tour-de-force, the whole event was also live-streamed on the web and into each pub. 

The atmosphere was electric as the matches progressed, with teams from each side fast becoming local heroes.


After being crowned champions, The World's End in Brighton was rewarded with a happy hour for the whole pub to celebrate. Anthony Nixon, who was orchestrating the event from London was thrilled with the event and eager to follow it with more.

"It was a huge technical challenge for us; this was basically a tv production, with four games in London, four in Brighton, plus camera feeds from each location and a scoreboard. We were chewing up bandwidth like there was no tomorrow, but it all worked exactly as planned.

"We've had people already signing up for the next one and loads of our customers are begging for a membership program."

Keep you're eyes peeled for the next one!

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Press Coverage

As a world first, this tournament got some great media attention. We're not ones to brag, but check out these great pieces that came in over the Easter Break!

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BBC Click: Our second feature in the BBC's flagship technology programme showcases our latest venue but was sadly filmed the day before the actual tournament.

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