Book Now at The World's End

Brighton's best Bar-cade is situated on London Road. The World's End was fully refurbished in November 2017 and is host to our most extravagant four-player VR Arcade. Once you've tried a 4 player quests, nothing else is good enough!

Opening Times:

Mon-Thur : 6pm
Friday : 5pm
Sat/Sun : 1pm

Book now to reserve a full hour of 4-player VR at less than half-price! The Quest for the Golden Trophy is like nothing else. Four Friends, two with swords and two archers. Together you must take on the Rec Room dungeon. If anyone in your party dies, then a high-five will bring them back to life.

If you want to try it out before going the whole way, then just turn up whenever we're open and you'll be able to play. We also offer single player and two-player games and experiences.

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World's End-43-2.jpg

Featured Games:


Quest - 4 player

Join up with as many as 4 people and go on an epic Quest together. With full voice chat and great character expressions, you are all really in it together. Take up bows or swords and try to defeat the Res-Room Dungeon. If someone dies, then a high-five will bring them back to life. Once you've tried 4-player VR nothing will be the same again!


Serious Sam

Team up with your friend in the VR booth next to you and fight off waves of aliens using oversized guns. Over-the-top action that allows pairs of people to play together, talking (or screaming) to each other within the game. 



Block the beats! Audioshield puts you at the point of impact for every beat of your music. Beats glide slowly to mellow parts of the song, then ramp up for intense bits. See if you can get the highest score.