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FAQ's and conditions of membership:

How long can I play for? Membership allows unlimited goes during open hours Sunday through to Thursday. To ensure that everyone gets to play we will run turn lengths of 5-10 minutes when there are other people waiting to play. You may rejoin the queue as many times as you like during busy periods, or if it is quiet you will be at liberty to explore virtual reality for as long as you wish (we take no responsibility for Zombie related PST). 

How do I get my membership card? Membership cards can take up to 10 days to arrive from the time you have set up your subscription and uploaded a photo. They will be available for your collection at the VR Arcade during open hours. You will be required to confirm a link to your email within 2 hours when we activate the card, for which we can provide internet access if required. 

Can I play immediately? Yes! While your card is on order you may make full use of your membership - although we ask you to ensure you to remember to bring your card with you once it has been issued. 

Can I bring my friends? Of course! Your membership is for your use only so friends will have to pay normal rates, or they can sign up for membership...

What happens if I wish to cancel my membership? You may do this at any time by simply cancelling your Paypal subscription. 

Can I use my membership at other VR Concept events? Sorry - membership covers the Four Thieves VR arcade only at this time.