Book Now at Lost Rivers Elephant

London's first and only 4-player pubVR experience is here! Find us in the Gameboxx arcade in Lost Rivers Elephant and try something you've never seen before. The venue features all your classic arcade favourites, plus two pool tables and us. The beer is great, pizzas are to die for and our 4-player VRcade is built into two massive shipping containers, making it look just like a scene from Ready Player One.

Book now to go on a Rec Room Quest with up to 4 players cooperating to recover the golden trophy. With full voice chat, medieval weapons and amazing social interaction, this is the pinnacle of what VR can be. Then relax with a beer because you're already in the pub!

If you want to try it out before going the whole way, then just turn up whenever we're open and you'll be able to play. We also offer single player and two-player games and experiences. Click the button below to reserve your 15 minute slot.

The Lost Rivers Elephant is also an awesome venue for bespoke events, please get in touch for more information.


Featured Games:



Finally it's here - the VR game where you can fly and shoot your friends. Or, join an inter-pub game for up to ten player mayhem. With a jetpack in one hand and a gun in another, navigate the floating village as you hunt down your friends.



Join up as a group of 4 people and go on an epic Quest together. With full voice chat and great character expressions, you really are all in it together. Take up bows or swords and try to defeat the Dungeon. If someone dies, then a high-five will bring them back to life. Once you've tried 4-player VR nothing will be the same again!


SERIOUS SAM - 2 Player

Team up with your friend in the VR booth next to you and fight off waves of aliens using oversized guns. Over-the-top action that allows pairs of people to play together, talking (or screaming) to each other within the game. 


XORTEX (THE LAB) - 1 Player

Relive the golden era of gaming -- only this time, it's all around you. Awesome retro fun blasting enemies from your flying drone ship. Ideal for younger players.



Stand atop your castle and defend it against the cartoon horde of invaders. Incredibly satisfying archery action. A regular favourite.